Log Management

Organisations are under intense pressure to comply with security standards and regulations like PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA. Other requirements also require them to monitor & retain logs. Too often, the burden placed on internal teams to monitor systems 24/7 causes organizations to have gaps in their detection or not to monitor logs at all.

Techsol's Log Management Service ensures every security appliance, business-critical system, non-critical servers and endpoints in your organization which generates extensive event logs daily are managed to provide an early warning system for fast response to security events. When a security incident or compliance exception occurs, our security teams provide forensically sound logs to serve as evidence for investigations. Investigators require quick access to comprehensive, accurate and correlated log data and reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Protect Network : Round the Clock monitoring to alert you to threats before damage is done
  • Simpler Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements using fewer resources
  • Swift Response time: Implement action-based insights from rapid analysis of log activity
  • Collective information: capture millions of logs generated everyday by disparate assets

Our Managed Security Services: